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Technical Training

Shanghai AllyNav Technology's technical department will conduct training at least twice a year for the dealers and service personnel who represent the company's products to ensure that relevant personnel can quickly and accurately solve relevant problems for users during the service process; in addition, AllyNav Technology The department will also assist dealers to carry out training for users on usage methods and common problem solving methods. There are various training methods: online and offline training, self-media and WeChat public account product-related popular science, etc., to help users make better use of it. The company's products and product-related knowledge.
User return visit: User return visit mainly includes telephone return visit and on-site return visit. Users will receive return visit calls from time to time when they purchase the company's products, so that they can timely understand the problems encountered by users in the use process and their suggestions for improvement; The user's use situation will also collect the user's opinions on product improvement or other product requirements, and also upgrade the company's latest software version for the user free of charge, so that the user can use the company's best work effect in time.


Remote Service

The company pre-installs the self-developed remote control software for each user, and has specially set up a remote service group. When users encounter problems in the use of the company's products, they can contact the dealer's technical service personnel or the company's technical service personnel in time. Through remote service, 90% of users' problems in use can be quickly and accurately solved, saving users an average of 1 per time. half an hour waiting time.


Free phone technical advice

When the product purchased by the user fails or the user has questions about the product, the user can call the service hotline of our company or the service telephone of the relevant technical engineer for technical support, and our company's professional engineers will promptly answer the various questions raised by the customer. technical issues. National Service Hotline: 400-1698-003/021-61200180


About us 

Shanghai AllyNav Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. Based on GNSS navigation, AllyNav expands the application of the agricultural science industry, focusing on agricultural IoT, agricultural machinery autopilot, and the core algorithms of autonomous. We have exported to more than 30 countries like Canada, Brasil, Argentina, Spain, Russia, South Africa, Japan, Thailand, etc. AllyNav products provide farmers with precise and efficient solutions, to free farmers' hands and highly increase production capacity. 

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