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AllyNav company perfect appearance 2016 China international agricultural machinery exhibition

Update time:2020-8-19 14:21:38 hit:819

October 28, 2016, three-day China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition concluded with perfect ending. Shanghai AllyNav Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "AllyNav") with Austrian GEOPROSPECORS company to participate in the exhibition together, and highly concerned by all walks of life.
China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition entitled " Asia first, World famous " reputation, gave all exhibitors a wide display platform, so that all exhibitors can give full play to research and development, technical strength of enterprises, exhibited products and technology of on behalf of industry development frontier. In this exhibition, AllyNav mainly exhibited soil composition acquisition and mapping system introduced from Europe, the AF200, AF300 Beidou autopilot system researched and developed independently by AllyNav, satellite levelling system, agricultural machinery tillage depth information monitoring service system, F10 UAV dedicated RTK Beidou / GNSS receiver and other products, and and has been highly appreciated by the majority of visitors.
AllyNav not only provides customers with a full range of technical solutions, but also brings the world’s best products to China. As Austria GEOPROSPECTORS area sole agent in China, As the only agent of Austrian GEOPROSPECTORS in China, AllyNav has successfully pushed the soil composition acquisition and mapping system into the Chinese market, and jointly researched and developed high-tech products which is suitable for the Chinese agricultural market.