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Add: Walsert 1, 5449AD Rijkevoort-de Walsert. The Netherlands
Email:  Info@landbouw-gps.nl
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Consulligence ltd.
Add: Saint-Césaire, Québec, Canada
Tel:Jean-Francois Ridel +1-450-210-0907
MS Navi company
Add: 350000, Krasnodar, Krasnoarmeiskaya st. 65, office 2.
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AF302 Autopilot System
Hight-Precision GNSS Tablet


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  • W20Pro-GNSS Land Leveling System

    Overview AllyNav offers an easy-to-use RTK acuracy GNSS land leveling system.Macinize crop yields and enhance overall farmproductivity and profitability with land preparation solutions customized to connect your farm. Features Highly integrated tablet with RTK+/-2.5cm accuracy..

  • W10Pro-GNSS Land Leveling

    Overview Preparing your land each growing season is a delicate bal-ance begtween things you can and cannot control. AllyNav provides you a land leveling solution,it does give you a few more tools to successfully handle the variables that are out of your control. Features 5 inch LCD screen o..

  • R23 Smart Base Antenna

    Overview The AllyNav R23 GNSS receiver provides you the feature in a flexible and scalable system. It can be easily configured to suit your applications, including base, rover, or a combination of base and rover functionality. Because of the excellent flexibility and performance, R23 has ..