AF302 Auto-steering System

T100 Smart Tablet

Build-in Radio Modem, IP67 waterproof, 10.1 inch Screen

Electric Motor Steering

High torque, High accuracy;

Low noise, Low heat;

Quick debugging, Easy to install and maintain.

A10 High-Precision Positioning Antenna

Receive the satellite signal and send the satellite signal to the positioning board.

Product description

Multiple Working Modes

Stable Signal and Anti-interference

Strong Scalability

It can work in straight lines, curves, harrowing, and other situations.

The RTK base station coverage is 40km. And the exclusive breakpoint battery life

function can continue to work for ten minutes even if the network is disconnected.

Adding simple components can realize the mutual conversion of the land leveling system or intelligent spray system. Experience new features

for free forever.



Size: 5.3MB

2023-05-17 13:37

AF305 GNSS Auto-Steering System

AF305 GNSS Auto-Steering System