R51 Wide application integrated GNSS receiver

R51 Ubiquitous GNSS Receiver is based on GNSS high-precision positioning technology, MEMS sensor technology, 4G communication technology and single chip system technology research and development.

The whole system adopts a plug-in design, which greatly simplifies the installation process and improves work efficiency.

R51 is a low-power dedicated receiver for field geological disaster monitoring. Optional built-in lithium battery, solar panels are available.

The R51 universal GNSS receiver can be used with a third-party cloud platform to realize remote monitoring and management of equipment in the cloud.

Application field: can meet most needs of bridges, dams, mines, deformation monitoring

Product description

Signal tracking

Accuracy Index

Data interface:

Physical properties

Galileo E1/E5b
Cold start time: <25s
Initialization time: <5s (typ.)
RTK initialization reliability: >99.9%
Recapture: <1s

Single point positioning:
Plane: 1.5m
Elevation: 2.5m
RTK Accuracy:
Plane: ±(8+1.0×10-6×D)mm Note 1
Elevation: ±(15+1.0×10-6×D)mm
Static precision:
Plane: ±(2.5+1.0×10-6×D)mm
Elevation: ±(5+1.0×10-6×D)mm
Note 1: D is the baseline distance,

the unit is mm

Data output: binary code, NMEA-0183Data refresh rate: default 1Hz, maximum 20HzBaud rate: 4800~406800Communication method: Full Netcom 4G, supportexternal communication moduleBluetooth: BT4.0, backward compatible with BT2.x,the protocol supports Windows/Android/IOS system Working temperature: -45℃~+75℃
Storage temperature: -55℃~+85℃
Physical size: Φ196.7mm×129.5mm
Protection class: IP67, floatable
Humidity: 100% non-condensing
Shock and Vibration: 2m drop resistance
Indication: 6 LED indicators
Weight: 1.65kg (including battery)

Electrical parameters

Operating mode

Data output

Inclination measurement parameters

Power consumption: 1.5 ~ 4W, the

power consumption

depends on the communication

method and GNSS board
Power supply voltage: 9~26V DC,

support power-on self-start,reverse

polarity protection, built-in photoelectric isolation
Battery capacity: 9750mAh


Configuration mode: You can set

the sampling frequency and

upload interval independently
Working mode: real-time upload

of GNSS+MEMS data

Differential data: RTCM2.X, RTCM3.X,CMR, CMR+
Data format: NMEA-0183, binary code
Measuring range: ±90°
Measurement accuracy: 0.1°
Acceleration Measurement Parameters
Measuring range: ±2g
Measurement accuracy: 0.01g

Interface mode




1 9-pin aerial plug connector (1 solar,1 battery, 1 mains, 1 serial)
1 SIM card slot
Network: TCP, MQTT, Ntrip
Serial port: RS232 protocol, RS485protocol




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